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Cutaneous angiolipomas

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Neoplastic Process
HPO: HP:0006773

Term Hierarchy

CClinical test,  RResearch test,  OOMIM,  GGeneReviews,  VClinVar  
  • CROGVCutaneous angiolipomas

Conditions with this feature

Familial angiolipomatosis
MedGen UID:
Concept ID:
Disease or Syndrome
A rare genetic subcutaneous tissue disorder with the presence of benign usually multiple subcutaneous tumors. The tumors are composed of adipose tissue and blood vessels typically manifesting as yellow firm circumscribed 1-4 cm in diameter tumors located in the arms, legs and trunk with deep extension of the lesions between muscles, tendons and joint capsules (without infiltration of these structures) in several members of a single family. Tumors may be tender or mildly painful when palpated and do not regress spontaneously.
Chemodectoma, intraabdominal, with cutaneous angiolipomas
MedGen UID:
Concept ID:
Disease or Syndrome

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