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Combined immunodeficiency due to STIM1 deficiency

Immunodeficiency-10 (IMD10) is an autosomal recessive primary immunodeficiency characterized by onset of recurrent infections in childhood due to defective T- and NK-cell function, although the severity is variable. Affected individuals may also have hypotonia, hypohidrosis, or dental enamel hypoplasia consistent with amelogenesis imperfecta (summary by Parry et al., 2016). [from OMIM]

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Immunodeficiency 95

Immunodeficiency-95 (IMD95) is an autosomal recessive disorder characterized predominantly by the onset of recurrent and severe viral respiratory infections in infancy or early childhood. Affected individuals often require hospitalization or respiratory support for these infections, which include human rhinovirus (HRV) and RSV. Immunologic workup is usually normal, although some mild abnormalities may be observed. The disorder results from a loss of ability of the innate immune system to sense viral genetic information, which causes a lack of interferon (IFN) production, poor response to viral and immunologic stimulation, and failure to control viral replication (summary by Lamborn et al., 2017, Asgari et al., 2017, Cananzi et al., 2021). [from OMIM]

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