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Postcholecystectomy Syndrome

Abdominal symptoms after removal of the GALLBLADDER. The common postoperative symptoms are often the same as those present before the operation, such as COLIC, bloating, NAUSEA, and VOMITING. There is pain on palpation of the right upper quadrant and sometimes JAUNDICE. The term is often used, inaccurately, to describe such postoperative symptoms not due to gallbladder removal.

Year introduced: 1994

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Tree Number(s): C06.130.825, C23.550.767.775

MeSH Unique ID: D017562

Entry Terms:

  • Postcholecystectomy Syndromes
  • Syndrome, Postcholecystectomy
  • Syndromes, Postcholecystectomy
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  • Sump Syndrome
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  • Postcholedochostomy Syndrome
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  • Postcholedochoduodenostomy Syndrome
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  • Postcholedochojejunostomy Syndrome
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  • Syndromes, Post-Choledochojejunostomy

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