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von Hippel-Lindau Disease

An autosomal dominant disorder caused by mutations in a tumor suppressor gene. This syndrome is characterized by abnormal growth of small blood vessels leading to a host of neoplasms. They include HEMANGIOBLASTOMA in the RETINA; CEREBELLUM; and SPINAL CORD; PHEOCHROMOCYTOMA; pancreatic tumors; and renal cell carcinoma (see CARCINOMA, RENAL CELL). Common clinical signs include HYPERTENSION and neurological dysfunctions.

Year introduced: 2008 (1975)

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Tree Number(s): C10.562.925, C14.907.077.925, C16., C16.320.184.750

MeSH Unique ID: D006623

Entry Terms:

  • von Hippel Lindau Disease
  • Cerebelloretinal Angiomatosis, Familial
  • Angiomatoses, Familial Cerebelloretinal
  • Angiomatosis, Familial Cerebelloretinal
  • Cerebelloretinal Angiomatoses, Familial
  • Familial Cerebelloretinal Angiomatoses
  • Familial Cerebelloretinal Angiomatosis
  • Familial Cerebello-Retinal Angiomatosis
  • Angiomatoses, Familial Cerebello-Retinal
  • Angiomatosis, Familial Cerebello-Retinal
  • Cerebello-Retinal Angiomatoses, Familial
  • Cerebello-Retinal Angiomatosis, Familial
  • Familial Cerebello-Retinal Angiomatoses
  • Familial Cerebello Retinal Angiomatosis
  • Hippel-Lindau Disease
  • Hippel Lindau Disease
  • Lindau Disease
  • Lindau's Disease
  • Lindaus Disease
  • Lindau's Diseases
  • von Hippel-Lindau Syndrome
  • von Hippel Lindau Syndrome
  • Angiomatosis Retinae
  • VHL Syndrome
  • VHL Syndromes

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