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Neuroma, Acoustic

A benign SCHWANNOMA of the eighth cranial nerve (VESTIBULOCOCHLEAR NERVE), mostly arising from the vestibular branch (VESTIBULAR NERVE) during the fifth or sixth decade of life. Clinical manifestations include HEARING LOSS; HEADACHE; VERTIGO; TINNITUS; and FACIAL PAIN. Bilateral acoustic neuromas are associated with NEUROFIBROMATOSIS 2. (From Adams et al., Principles of Neurology, 6th ed, p673)

Year introduced: 1978

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Tree Number(s): C04.557.465.625.650.595.610, C04.557.580.600.610.595.610, C04.557.580.625.650.595.610, C04.588.614.300.015, C04.588.614.596.240.015, C09.218.807.800.675, C09.647.675, C10.292.225.750, C10.292.910.600

MeSH Unique ID: D009464

Entry Terms:

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  • Melanocytic Vestibular Schwannoma
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