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uncultured Cysteiniphilum sp. RpoB gene, partial cds.

PopSet: 2206603392

Sequences in this data set

  • MW116788.1Uncultured Cysteiniphilum sp. clone 19X3-32 RpoB gene, partial cds
  • MW116787.1Uncultured Cysteiniphilum sp. clone 19X1-32 RpoB gene, partial cds
  • MW116786.1Uncultured Cysteiniphilum sp. clone 19X1-31 RpoB gene, partial cds
  • MW116785.1Uncultured Cysteiniphilum sp. clone 19X1-27 RpoB gene, partial cds
  • MW116784.1Uncultured Cysteiniphilum sp. clone 19X1-11 RpoB gene, partial cds
  • MW116783.1Uncultured Cysteiniphilum sp. clone 19X3-30 RpoB gene, partial cds

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