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Viruses capsid shell protein VP19C, ribonucleotide reductase subunit 1, ribonucleotide reductase small subunit, DNA polymerase processivity subunit, and envelope protein UL43 genes, complete cds.

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Study Details

Unveiling bat-borne viruses: virome discoveries support intermediate host-mediated transmission to humans

Wang,Y., Xu,P., Han,Y., Zhao,W., Zhao,L., Li,R., Zhang,J., Zhang,S., Lu,J., Jin,Q. and Wu,Z.

Sequences in this data set

  • OR998965.1MAG: Rhinolophus sinicus poxvirus isolate HB2020_contig4, partial genome
  • OR998964.1MAG: Rhinolophus sinicus poxvirus isolate HB2020_contig2, partial genome
  • OR998963.1MAG: Bat mastadenovirus isolate ZJ2020_300_12201, partial genome
  • OR998962.1MAG: Bat mastadenovirus isolate YN2016_267_16775, partial genome
  • OR998961.1MAG: Bat mastadenovirus isolate GX2016_254_7782, partial genome
  • OR998960.1MAG: Bat roseolovirus 1 isolate LN2020, partial genome
  • OR998959.1MAG: Bat betaherpesvirus 3 isolate GX2017_202_106287, partial genome
  • OR998958.1MAG: Bat betaherpesvirus 3 isolate GX2017_201_145363, partial genome
  • OR998957.1MAG: Bat betaherpesvirus 3 isolate GX2017_197_117405, partial genome
  • OR998956.1MAG: Scotophilus bat poxvirus isolate Gx2017, partial genome
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