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cellular organisms AprB (aprB) and AprA (aprA) genes, partial cds.

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Study Details

Phylogeny of the alpha and beta subunits of the dissimilatory adenosine-5'-phosphosulfate (APS) reductase from sulfate-reducing prokaryotes--origin and evolution of the dissimilatory sulfate-reduction pathway.

Meyer,B. and Kuever,J.

(2007) Microbiology (Reading, Engl.) 153:(PT 7)2026-2044


Sequences in this data set

  • EF442976.1Desulfotomaculum sp. JD176 AprA (aprA) gene, partial cds
  • EF442975.1Desulfotomaculum sp. JD175 AprA (aprA) gene, partial cds
  • EF442974.1Thermodesulfovibrio sp. (ex DSM 12270) AprB (aprB) gene, partial cds; and AprA (aprA) gene, complete cds
  • EF442973.1Desulfotomaculum thermosapovorans strain DSM 6562 AprA (aprA) gene, partial cds
  • EF442972.1Desulfotomaculum thermocisternum strain DSM 10259 AprB (aprB) and AprA (aprA) genes, partial cds
  • EF442971.1Desulfotomaculum thermobenzoicum subsp. thermosyntrophicum strain DSM 14055 AprB (aprB) and AprA (aprA) genes, partial cds
  • EF442970.1Desulfotomaculum thermobenzoicum subsp. thermobenzoicum strain DSM 6193 AprB (aprB) and AprA (aprA) genes, partial cds
  • EF442969.1Desulfotomaculum thermoacetoxidans strain DSM 5813 AprB (aprB) and AprA (aprA) genes, partial cds
  • EF442968.1Desulfotomaculum sp. DSM 8775 AprB (aprB) and AprA (aprA) genes, partial cds
  • EF442967.1Desulfotomaculum sp. DSM 7476 AprB (aprB) and AprA (aprA) genes, partial cds
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