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Homo sapiens mitochondrion sequence.

PopSet: 2213053829

Study Details

Circum-Saharan Prehistory through the Lens of mtDNA Diversity.

Diallo,M.Y., Cizkova,M., Kulichova,I., Podgorna,E., Priehodova,E., Novackova,J., Fernandes,V., Pereira,L. and Cerny,V.

(03-17-2022) Genes (Basel) 13:(3)

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Sequences in this data set

  • OM953385.1UNVERIFIED: Homo sapiens isolate ZGW48_P23F mitochondrion sequence
  • OM953384.1UNVERIFIED: Homo sapiens isolate ZGW44_P23F mitochondrion sequence
  • OM953383.1UNVERIFIED: Homo sapiens isolate ZGW39_P23F mitochondrion sequence
  • OM953382.1UNVERIFIED: Homo sapiens isolate ZGW31_P23F mitochondrion sequence
  • OM953381.1UNVERIFIED: Homo sapiens isolate ZGW27_P23F mitochondrion sequence
  • OM953380.1UNVERIFIED: Homo sapiens isolate ZGW20_P23F mitochondrion sequence
  • OM953379.1UNVERIFIED: Homo sapiens isolate ZGW16_P23F mitochondrion sequence
  • OM953378.1UNVERIFIED: Homo sapiens isolate ZGW15_P23F mitochondrion sequence
  • OM953377.1UNVERIFIED: Homo sapiens isolate ZGW11_P23F mitochondrion sequence
  • OM953376.1UNVERIFIED: Homo sapiens isolate ZGW49_P23F mitochondrion sequence
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