How do Institutional Repositories(IR) join LinkOut to display links to the IR in PubMed?

Send an e-mail to with the following information.

  • Subject line: Apply for Inclusion in LinkOut - linking to IR [Institution's Name]
  • Message body:
    • Name, email address, and phone number of two IR contacts: one managerial and one technical.
    • Name and URL of the Institutional Repository.
    • Include at least 5 examples of PubMed citation IDs(PMID) for articles not included in PubMed Central and the corresponding full text URLs or dataset URLs available in your IR.
    • Provide the URL to your IR policy and procedures; in particular, provide information regarding the rights to display material deposited in your IR.
    • Provide the number of articles in your IR that are not deposited in PMC and for which there are corresponding citations in PubMed.
      Note: Minimum requirement for participation is 1,000 articles not deposited in PMC.