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LinkOut is a service that allows you to link directly from PubMed and other NCBI databases to a wide range of information and services beyond the NCBI systems. LinkOut aims to facilitate access to relevant online resources in order to extend, clarify, and supplement information found in NCBI databases. Examples of LinkOut Resources include full-text publications, biological databases, consumer health information, research tools, and more.

All links are specially assigned to specific database records. When accessing a link through LinkOut, no additional searching should be necessary to access the relevant resource that has been linked to the record. Online resources that may be valuable to users of PubMed and other NCBI databases are encourage to participate in LinkOut.

Click on the applicable tab to access documentation on how to become a LinkOut provider and how to link your resources from PubMed and other NCBI databases. Specific documentation is available for libraries, full-text providers and providers of other resources.

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Last updated: November 14, 2019