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SRX2621869: Burkholderiales bacterium UBA4657
1 ILLUMINA (Illumina MiSeq) run: 467,335 spots, 138.7M bases, 56.4Mb downloads

Design: BWA (BWA-MEM) mapping of Burkholderiales bacterium UBA4657 using version 0.7.12-r1039 and assembled with CLC de novo assembler 4.4.1 with a genome coverage of 40.93
Submitted by: University of Queensland
Study: Recovery of nearly 8,000 uncultivated bacterial and archaeal genomes substantially flesh out the tree of life
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Challenges in cultivating microorganisms have limited the phylogenetic diversity of currently available microbial genomes. This is being addressed by advances in sequencing throughput and computational techniques that allow for the cultivation-independent recovery of high-quality bacterial and archaeal genomes directly from metagenomic data. In this study, we recovered 7,903 uncultivated genomes from >1,000 metagenomes available from the Sequence Read Archive. These genomes increase the phylogenetic diversity of current archaeal and bacterial genome trees by >30%.
Sample: Uncultivated Burkholderiales bacterium UBA4657 genome recovered from ERX682739
SAMN06457183 • SRS2031825 • All experiments • All runs
Name: ERX682739.b7.bam
Instrument: Illumina MiSeq
Strategy: WGS
Selection: RANDOM
Layout: PAIRED
Runs: 1 run, 467,335 spots, 138.7M bases, 56.4Mb
Run# of Spots# of BasesSizePublished


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