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Submitted by: Wageningen University & Research
Study: Whole genome sequencing of Fusarium fujikuroi species complex members
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In total, 23 Fusarium fujikuroi species complex member species and 3 outgroup species were whole genome sequenced. FFSC: Fusarium sacchari CBS:147.25, Fusarium concentricum CBS:450.97, Fusarium annulatum CBS:258.54, Fusarium globosum CBS:428.97, Fusarium acutatum CBS:402.97, Fusarium verticillioides CBS:576.78, Fusarium musae CBS:624.87, Fusarium andiyazi CBS:119857, Fusarium napiforme CBS:748.97, Fusarium ramigenum CBS:418.97, Fusarium pseudocircinatum CBS:449.97, Fusarium lactis CBS:411.97, Fusarium ficicrescens CBS:125178, Fusarium brevicatenulatum CBS:404.97, Fusarium pseudoanthophilum CBS:414.97, Fusarium pseudonygamai CBS:417.97, Fusarium nygamai CBS:749.97, Fusarium bactridioides CBS:100057, Fusarium anthophilum CBS:119858, Fusarium begoniae CBS:452.97, Fusarium ananatum CBS:118516, Fusarium guttiforme CBS:409.97, Fusarium denticulatum CBS:407.97. Outgroup: Fusarium foetens CBS:110286, Fusarium oxysporum CBS:130302, and Fusarium redolens CBS:743.97
Instrument: Illumina HiSeq 2000
Strategy: WGS
Selection: RANDOM
Layout: PAIRED
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