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Support for Genome Workbench will end on March 31 2024. You may still use the application, but supporting documentation will not be available after this date. Read more.

Using Tree View


This page contains links to all existing help on using Tree View in Genome Workbench.

Adding a Phylogenetic Tree View

You can add a Phylogenetic Tree in the same way you open different types of views for your project in Genome WorkBench.

Explore Pylogenetic Tree View Features

Phylogenetic Tree View offers the users multiple features.

Users can:

More information can be found in the Tree Viewer formatting manual.

Arranging Windows

In order to experience interactions between different views the user can arrange windows with different views

Tree View Interactions with other Views

Tree Views supports broadcasting between phylogenetic tree views.

It can also interact with other views

Saving Tree View as a PDF file

Tree View can be saved in PDF format for printing or other presentation needs.

Online Tree Viewer

Some of the features of Genome Workbench Tree View can be experienced by using the online tool Tree Viewer.

Tree construction from search

A user can create a phylogenetic tree starting from search.

Creating a tree from a multiple alignment

A user can create a phylogenetic tree from precalculated multiple alignment.

Current Windows and Mac OS Version is 3.9.1 (released January 8, 2024). Current Linux Version is 3.8.2 (released December 12, 2022).

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