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Graphical Sequence Panel

The graphical sequence panel is the core component of the graphical sequence viewer. It is comprised of tracks containing biological sequence data annotated on or aligned to a nucleic acid or protein sequence. The ruler at the top of the panel indicates the coordinates on the displayed sequence.

Data tracks can be removed by clicking on the red x button at the right end of each track. The track order can be rearranged via drag and drop. See this page for more information about navigating this interface.


The gear icon on the right side of each track allows you to access the track display settings for that track. New tracks can be added in the Track Configuration panel, which is accessed through the gear icon on the top or bottom toolbars. Refer to the Graphical View Legend for more information about the rendering of data within the tracks.

The download icon on the right side of the track allows you to access the track download option for that track. This icon is only visible for tracks that can be downloaded from the graphical viewer.

Graphical Panel Toolbar

The table below describes the options/menus located on the top toolbar of the graphical sequence viewer.

Object Function Object
Undo Image Go Back to the previous coordinate range or zoom level
Alternate Image Alternate views and assembly information Alternate Menu Image
Find Image Find/search in viewer (details)
Pan Left and Right Pan Left and Right
Zoom slider Zoom buttons and zoom slider
Zoom Sequence Zoom to sequence
Show All Image Show all (expand all features in gene tracks)
Slim Mode Image Slim mode (compress tracks and hide track titles)
Tools Image Tools menu Tools Menu Image
Configure Image Configure tracks menu (Details and Track Sets FAQ) Configure Menu Image
Download Download menu (sequence, data, printer-friendly images)
Refresh Reload/loading view indicator
Help Image Help menu Help Menu Image

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