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NCBI Tree Viewer

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NCBI Tree Viewer (TV) is the graphical display for phylogenetic trees. TV can visualize trees in Newick, Nexus, and ASN formats. To start using Tree Viewer go to the application homepage and look at some examples and demos.

The following actions can be performed with a tree:

  • Zooming and navigation
  • Displaying in different layouts
  • Selecting branches and over-viewing selection
  • Collapsing/Expending branches
  • Rooting at midpoint
  • Re-rooting at nodes
  • Sorting
  • Uploading/Downloading
  • Creating PDF

For more information, check out the Frequently Asked Questions page or browse through video tutorials, web tutorials, or manuals.

Contact us using the feedback link at the top right of the Tree Viewer application.

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