Defined in file seqsplit.asn
C++ class: CID2S_Chunk_Content

ID2S-Chunk-Content ::= CHOICE {
        -- place of Seq-descrs
        seq-descr       ID2S-Seq-descr-Info,

        -- locations and types of annotations
        seq-annot       ID2S-Seq-annot-Info,

        -- place of assembly history
        seq-assembly    ID2S-Seq-assembly-Info,

        -- place of sequence map
        seq-map         ID2S-Seq-map-Info,
        -- place of sequence data
        seq-data        ID2S-Seq-data-Info,

        -- place of Seq-annots
        seq-annot-place ID2S-Seq-annot-place-Info,

        -- place of Bioseqs
        bioseq-place    SET OF ID2S-Bioseq-place-Info,

        -- ids of features
        feat-ids        SET OF ID2S-Seq-feat-Ids-Info