Defined in file pcsubstance.asn
C++ class: CPC_Substance

PC-Substance ::= SEQUENCE {
    -- Internal Tracking Information
    sid            PC-ID,                               -- Substance ID/Version  [Either valid ID or a "0" dummy
                                                        --   value, if "source" is to be used]
                                                        --   Note: Version is for internal use (only?)
                                                        --   Note: A valid ID is greater than "0"
    source         PC-Source,                           -- Data Source for this Submission

    -- Substance Description Information
    pub            SEQUENCE OF Pub            OPTIONAL, -- Articles Describing this Substance
    synonyms       SEQUENCE OF VisibleString  OPTIONAL, -- Substance Names provided by Depositor
    comment        SEQUENCE OF VisibleString  OPTIONAL, -- Comments and Description provided by Depositor
    xref           SEQUENCE OF PC-XRefData    OPTIONAL, -- X-Ref/LinkOut Data provided by Depositor

    -- Structure Description
    compound       PC-Compounds               OPTIONAL  -- Original Deposited Structure Information