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cgiapp.hpp File Reference
#include <corelib/ncbireg.hpp>
#include <corelib/ncbiapp.hpp>
#include <cgi/ncbires.hpp>
#include <cgi/caf.hpp>
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class  CCgiApplication
struct  CCgiApplication::SAcceptEntry
 "Accept:" header entry. More...
class  CCgiStatistics
class  CCgiWatchFile
class  CCgiStreamWrapper
class  CCgiRequestProcessor
 Base class for request processors. More...
class  CCgiProcessorGuard


typedef NCBI_PARAM_TYPE (CGI, DisableTrackingCookie) TCGI_DisableTrackingCookie
typedef NCBI_PARAM_TYPE (CGI, TrackingCookieName) TCGI_TrackingCookieName
typedef NCBI_PARAM_TYPE (CGI, TrackingTagName) TCGI_TrackingTagName
typedef NCBI_PARAM_TYPE (CGI, TrackingCookieDomain) TCGI_TrackingCookieDomain
typedef NCBI_PARAM_TYPE (CGI, TrackingCookiePath) TCGI_TrackingCookiePath
typedef NCBI_PARAM_TYPE (CGI, Client_Connection_Interruption_Okay) TClientConnIntOk
typedef NCBI_PARAM_TYPE (CGI, Client_Connection_Interruption_Severity) TClientConnIntSeverity


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