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CCgiRequestProcessor Class Reference

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Base class for request processors. More...

#include <cgi/cgiapp.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 CCgiRequestProcessor (CCgiApplication &app)
virtual ~CCgiRequestProcessor (void)
virtual int ProcessRequest (CCgiContext &context)
 Process request provided by the context. By default calls application's ProcessRequest. More...
const CNcbiResourceGetResource (void) const
CNcbiResourceGetResource (void)
virtual bool ValidateSynchronizationToken (void)
string GetSelfReferer (void) const
 Get self-URL to be used as referer. More...
CCgiApplicationGetApp (void)
const CCgiApplicationGetApp (void) const
CCgiContextGetContext (void)
const CCgiContextGetContext (void) const
void SetContext (shared_ptr< CCgiContext > context)
bool IsSetContext (void) const
CArgsGetArgs (void)
const CArgsGetArgs (void) const
bool IsSetArgs (void) const
CNcbiIstreamGetInputStream (void)
const CNcbiIstreamGetInputStream (void) const
void SetInputStream (CNcbiIstream *in)
bool IsSetInputStream (void) const
CNcbiOstreamGetOutputStream (void)
const CNcbiOstreamGetOutputStream (void) const
void SetOutputStream (CNcbiOstream *out)
bool IsSetOutputStream (void) const
bool GetOutputBroken (void) const
void SetOutputBroken (bool val)
bool GetRequestStartPrinted (void) const
void SetRequestStartPrinted (bool val)
bool GetErrorStatus (void) const
void SetErrorStatus (bool val)
string GetRID (void) const
void SetRID (const string &val)
bool GetResultReady (void) const
void SetResultReady (bool val)

Protected Types

typedef CCgiApplication::TAcceptEntries TAcceptEntries
typedef CCgiApplication::SAcceptEntry TAcceptEntry

Protected Member Functions

virtual void ProcessHelpRequest (const string &format)
virtual void ProcessVersionRequest (CCgiApplication::EVersionType ver_type)
virtual bool ProcessAdminRequest (CCgiApplication::EAdminCommand cmd)
virtual int OnException (std::exception &e, CNcbiOstream &os)
virtual void OnEvent (CCgiApplication::EEvent event, int status)
void SetHTTPStatus (unsigned int status, const string &reason=kEmptyStr)
void SetRequestId (const string &rid, bool is_done)
void ParseAcceptHeader (TAcceptEntries &entries) const

Private Member Functions

void x_InitArgs (void) const
bool ProcessAdminRequest_Base (CCgiApplication::EAdminCommand cmd)

Private Attributes

shared_ptr< CCgiContextm_Context
unique_ptr< CArgsm_CgiArgs
unique_ptr< CNcbiIstreamm_InputStream
unique_ptr< CNcbiOstreamm_OutputStream
bool m_OutputBroken = false
bool m_RequestStartPrinted = false
bool m_ErrorStatus = false
string m_RID
bool m_IsResultReady = true


class CCgiApplication

Detailed Description

Base class for request processors.

See also

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