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CNeedlemanWunschToolParams Class Reference

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#include <gui/packages/pkg_alignment/needlemanwunsch_tool_params.hpp>

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Public Types

enum  EFreeEndType { eNone , eLeft , eRight , eBoth }

Public Member Functions

 CNeedlemanWunschToolParams ()
 CNeedlemanWunschToolParams (const CNeedlemanWunschToolParams &data)
 ~CNeedlemanWunschToolParams ()
void operator= (const CNeedlemanWunschToolParams &data)
bool operator== (const CNeedlemanWunschToolParams &data) const
void Copy (const CNeedlemanWunschToolParams &data)
void Init ()
virtual void SetRegistryPath (const string &path)
 IRegSettings. More...
virtual void SaveSettings () const
virtual void LoadSettings ()
const TConstScopedObjectsGetObjects () const
TConstScopedObjectsSetObjects ()
int GetBandSize () const
void SetBandSize (int value)
int GetFirstSeqFreeEnds () const
void SetFirstSeqFreeEnds (int value)
int GetGapExtendCost () const
void SetGapExtendCost (int value)
int GetGapOpenCost () const
void SetGapOpenCost (int value)
int GetMatchCost () const
void SetMatchCost (int value)
int GetMismatchCost () const
void SetMismatchCost (int value)
int GetSecondSeqFreeEnds () const
void SetSecondSeqFreeEnds (int value)
- Public Member Functions inherited from IRegSettings
virtual ~IRegSettings ()

Private Attributes

int m_BandSize
int m_FirstSeqFreeEnds
int m_GapExtendCost
int m_GapOpenCost
int m_MatchCost
int m_MismatchCost
int m_SecondSeqFreeEnds
string m_RegPath
TConstScopedObjects m_Objects


class CAlignNeedlemanWunschPanel

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