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phytree_format.hpp File Reference
#include <corelib/ncbiexpt.hpp>
#include <algo/phy_tree/bio_tree.hpp>
#include <algo/phy_tree/phytree_calc.hpp>
#include <objtools/align_format/align_format_util.hpp>
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class  CPhyTreeFormatter
 Class for adding tree features, maniplating and printing tree in standard text formats. More...
class  CPhyTreeFormatter::CBioNodeFinder
 Tree visitor, finds BioTreeDynamic node by id. More...
class  CPhyTreeFormatter::CExpander
 Tree visitor class, expands all nodes and corrects node colors. More...
class  CPhyTreeFormatter::CSingleBlastNameExaminer
class  CPhyTreeFormatter::CQueryNodeChecker
 Tree visitor for checking whether a subtree contains a query node. More...
class  CPhyTreeFormatter::compare_nodes_by_seqid
 Compare pairs (node, sequence id handle) by sequence id. More...
class  CPhyTreeFormatterException
 Guide tree exceptions. More...


 USING_SCOPE (align_format)

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USING_SCOPE ( align_format  )
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