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publication_edit.cpp File Reference
#include <ncbi_pch.hpp>
#include <objects/general/Name_std.hpp>
#include <objtools/edit/publication_edit.hpp>
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string GetFirstInitial (string input, bool skip_rest)
bool GenerateInitials (CName_std &name)
bool FixInitials (CName_std &name)
bool MoveMiddleToFirst (CName_std &name)

Function Documentation

◆ FixInitials()

bool FixInitials ( CName_std name)

◆ GenerateInitials()

bool GenerateInitials ( CName_std name)

◆ GetFirstInitial()

string GetFirstInitial ( string  input,
bool  skip_rest 

◆ MoveMiddleToFirst()

bool MoveMiddleToFirst ( CName_std name)
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