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typedef std::list< CRef< objects::CSeq_loc > > TSeqLocList
typedef std::list< CRef< objects::CDelta_seq > > TDeltaList


void XGappedSeqLocsToDeltaSeqs (const TSeqLocList &locs, TDeltaList &deltas)
int XDateCheck (const objects::CDate_std &date)

Typedef Documentation

◆ TDeltaList

typedef std::list<CRef<objects::CDelta_seq> > TDeltaList

Definition at line 6 of file xutils.h.

◆ TSeqLocList

typedef std::list<CRef<objects::CSeq_loc> > TSeqLocList

Definition at line 5 of file xutils.h.

Function Documentation

◆ XDateCheck()

int XDateCheck ( const objects::CDate_std &  date)

◆ XGappedSeqLocsToDeltaSeqs()

void XGappedSeqLocsToDeltaSeqs ( const TSeqLocList locs,
TDeltaList deltas 
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