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Remove filtersFilter Remove filterJun 27, 2021
Analysis on Replication and Transcription of SARS-CoV-2 and inhition effect of Remdesivir
10 Yan Zhao Jun 27, 2021
Transcriptomic insights of a 1,3-Propanediol producer Clostridium strain isolated from Colombian soil
6 Ximena Carolina Perez-Mancilla Jun 27, 2021
The transcriptome of gadE, hdeA, or hdeD null strains compared to wild-type of E. coli under minimum medium conditions
6 Kaneyoshi Yamamoto Jun 27, 2021
BAP1 activity regulates Polycomb occupancy and global chromatin condensation counteracting diffuse PCGF3/5-dependent H2AK119ub1 deposition
192 Federico Rossi Jun 27, 2021
Phenotypic characterization of two novel cell line models of castration resistant prostate cancer
6 Michael Christoph Haffner Jun 27, 2021
Effect of electroacupuncture on the skeletal muscle atrophy induced by hindlimb suspension in mice
6 akiko onda Jun 27, 2021
mRNA gene expression profile analysis in the CD4+ T cells with miR-7 deficiency
4 Juan Juan Zhao Jun 27, 2021
Yap regulates lipid metabolism in skeletal muscle, and is perturbed by metabolic stress
6 Mark D Ziemann Jun 27, 2021
Monosomy X in female mice influences the regional formation and augments the severity of angiotensin II-induced aortopathies
20 Eric M Blalock Jun 27, 2021
RNA-seq and H3K27ac ChIP-seq of Y1 cells treated with FGF-2
14 Peder J Lund Jun 27, 2021
Sex-dependent gene expression patterns in control and Rspo1 gain-of-function mouse adrenals
16 Andreas Schedl Jun 27, 2021
Transcriptomic characterization of CXCR4C1013G and Eµ-TCL1;CXCR4C1013G CD19+ B cells
40 Matthias Wirth Jun 27, 2021
Integrated analysis of the transcriptome wide m6A methylome in Peripheral nerve injury
12 Xianhu Zhou Jun 27, 2021