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Analysis by Mnase-seq of the chromatin structure of wild type cells and cells in which chromatin structure is perturbed (histone H4 depletion) in the presence or absence of the kleisin subunit of cohesin, Scc1
8 Eloisa Andujar Aug 06, 2019
Yra1-bound R loops cause orientation-independent transcription-replication collisions and telomere instability
2 Andrés Aguilera Jun 27, 2018
Replication-coupled nucleosome assembly and positioning by ATP-dependent chromatin remodeling enzymes
13 Iestyn Whitehouse Apr 14, 2016
Releasing activity disengages cohesin’s Smc3/Scc1 interface in a process blocked by acetylation
4 Kim Nasmyth Feb 18, 2016
Cohesin releases DNA through asymmetric ATPase-driven ring opening
14 Kim Nasmyth Feb 18, 2016
Post-licensing specification of eukaryotic replication origins by facilitated Mcm2-7 sliding along DNA
8 Iestyn Whitehouse Jan 07, 2016
Biological chromodynamics: a general method for measuring protein occupancy across the genome by calibrating ChIP-seq
62 Bin Hu Jul 10, 2015
Transcriptome Wide Annotation of Eukaryotic RNase III Reactivity and Degradation Signals [ncRNA-Seq]
2 Sherif Abou Elela Feb 16, 2015
Transcriptome Wide Annotation of Eukaryotic RNase III Reactivity and Degradation Signals
9 Sherif Abou Elela Feb 16, 2015
Genome wide maps of replicative polymerase contributions to the fully replicated yeast genome
20 Martin Taylor Jan 26, 2015
RiboMeth-seq: High-throughput mapping of ribose methylations in RNA at single-nucleotide resolution
6 Nicolai Krogh Nov 24, 2014
RNA bisulfite sequencing of 25S rRNA (C2278) in S. cerevisiae and of 28S rRNA (C3381) in C. elegans
14 Markus Schosserer Nov 10, 2014
Quantitative, genome-wide analysis of eukaryotic replication initiation and termination
5 Iestyn Whitehouse Feb 28, 2013