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A Multiplexed Barcodelet Single-Cell RNA-Seq Approach Elucidates Combinatorial Signaling Pathways that Drive ESC Differentiation
20 Richard I Sherwood May 26, 2020
The shift from early to late types of ribosomes in zebrafish development involves changes at a subset of rRNA 2’-O-Me sites
18 Nicolai Krogh Oct 01, 2020
10X genomics single cell sequencing of sheep testis
1 Hua Yang Oct 20, 2020
10X sequencing of immune cells and limb regenerates
4 Jeramiah James Smith Jul 07, 2020
5'-monophosphate-independent small RNA sequencing from ego-1(om84) and control L3, L4, and adult C. elegans hermaphrodites
14 Jay Maniar Jun 01, 2011
A Candidate Gene Identified in Converting Platycoside E to Platycodin D by Correlating Main Metabolites Content with Gene Expression Variation between Callus and Leaf of Platycodon grandiflorus
6 Shihai Xing Jul 15, 2020
A Domestication-Selected Retrotransposon for Quenching Genomic Immunity in Rice
11 yiwen Deng Mar 08, 2018
A Domestication-Selected Retrotransposon for Quenching Genomic Immunity in Rice [small RNA-Seq]
3 yiwen Deng Mar 08, 2018
A G-protein coupled receptor supports methionine response in Trichoderma reesei
24 Miriam Schalamun Jan 01, 2024
A G-quadruplex-binding platinum complex induces cancer mitochondrial dysfunction through dual-targeting mitochondrial and nuclear G4 enriched genome
9 Kuang ke li Jun 01, 2024
A Genome-Wide Characterization of MicroRNA Genes in Maize
5 Jer-M Chia Nov 23, 2009
A New Model Organism to Investigate Extraocular Photoreception: Opsin and Retinal Gene Expression in the Sea Urchin Paracentrotus lividus
2 Maria Ina Arnone Sep 20, 2022
A Virus-Packageable CRISPR Screen Identifies Host Factors Mediating Interferon Inhibition of HIV
18 Molly Ohainle Aug 17, 2018
A combination of transcription factors mediates inducible interchromosomal contacts
123 Seungsoo Kim Aug 05, 2018
A comprehensive epigenomic analysis of phenotypically distinguishable, genetically identical female and male Daphnia pulex
31 Jouni Antero Kvist Oct 18, 2019
A cysteine-rich secretory protein involves in phytohormone melatonin mediated plant resistance to CGMMV
9 Xue Yang Dec 30, 2022
A diverse network of pericoerulear neurons control arousal states
2 Xiaonan Fu Mar 01, 2024
A fluorescent assay for cryptic transcription in Saccharomyces cerevisiae [MNase-seq]
8 LeAnn Howe Dec 06, 2023
A fluorescent assay for cryptic transcription in Saccharomyces cerevisiae [RNA-seq]
6 LeAnn Howe Dec 07, 2023
A gain-of-function single nucleotide variant creates a new promoter which acts as an orientation-dependent enhancer-blocker (ATAC-seq)
28 Yavor Bozhilov Mar 25, 2021