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Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells of Rhesus Macaques Infected with SIVmac251
36 Profile icon Maryanne Vahey Jul 16, 2003
Gene expression profiling of Rhesus monkey extraocular muscle and its layers (Porter lab)
16 Profile icon Sangeeta Khanna Apr 01, 2004
Circadian gene expression in the primate adrenal gland
6 Profile icon Dario Lemos Nov 02, 2005
Transcriptional profiling of rhesus monkey embryonic stem cells
  • Link icon Macaca mulatta
9 Profile icon James Anthony Byrne Aug 17, 2006
Expression profiling of primate CL following PGF2alpha treatment
6 Profile icon priyanka samji Jun 02, 2007
Nucleus- and cell-specific gene expression in monkey thalamus
10 Profile icon Karl Daniel Murray May 01, 2008
H. pylori induces an antimicrobial host response in rhesus macaques in a Cag Pathogenicity Island-Dependent Manner
32 Profile icon Michael Hornsby Feb 01, 2008
Dynamics of the Transcriptome in the Primate Ovulatory Follicle
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22 Profile icon fuhua xu Feb 15, 2011
Gene expression associated with liver metabolism during viral hemorrhagic fever
20 Profile icon kommidi Reddy Chaitanya Jun 08, 2010
SIV Encephalitis and Uninfected Control: Hippocampus Expression Profiles
  • Link icon Macaca mulatta
36 Profile icon Howard Fox Aug 29, 2009
Young and aged rhesus hippocampal CA1 and DG
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23 Profile icon Eric M Blalock Apr 15, 2010
Lymphatic Tissues of Sooty Mangabeys and Rhesus Macaques in Early SIV Infection
28 Profile icon qingsheng li Mar 08, 2010
Colorectal tissue gene expression in SIV negative and SIV positive Rhesus macaques and sooty mangabeys
16 Profile icon RAVI DYAVAR SHETTY Sep 06, 2011
Gene expression in the blood of SIV infected Rhesus macaques following in vivo PD-1 blockade
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10 Profile icon RAVI DYAVAR SHETTY Apr 27, 2012
Gene expression profiling data from sooty mangabeys treated with interferon alpha
47 Profile icon Gregory K Tharp Jul 10, 2012
Expression data from rhesus macaque colon, jejunum, and lung
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32 Profile icon Michael George Nov 01, 2013
Endometrial profile of low-dose estradiol and tamoxifen combination therapy
16 Profile icon Charles Wood Feb 03, 2009
Cross species comparison of expression patterns
16 Yoav Gilad Jan 25, 2005
Transcriptional Profile Analysis of the Lateral Geniculate Nucleus in Monocular Deprived Macaque Monkeys
12 Henry J. Kaminski Jul 20, 2007
Induction of Pathogenic Sets of Genes in Macrophages and Neurons in NeuroAIDS
48 Steven Head Mar 08, 2005