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Platform GPL5104 Query DataSets for GPL5104
Status Public on Apr 17, 2008
Title Sentrix HumanRef-8 v2 Expression BeadChip
Technology type oligonucleotide beads
Distribution commercial
Organism Homo sapiens
Manufacturer Illumina Inc.
Manufacture protocol
Submission date Apr 18, 2007
Last update date Feb 10, 2009
Contact name GEO admin
Organization name NCBI/NLM/NIH
Street address 9000 Rockville Pike
City Bethesda
State/province MD
ZIP/Postal code 20892
Country USA
Samples (630) GSM182938, GSM182939, GSM182940, GSM182941, GSM182942, GSM182943 
Series (15)
GSE7547 Circulating Cells in Coronary Collateral Artery Growth
GSE12213 Human cholangiocarcinoma cells treated with Clonorchis sinensis excretory-secretory products.
GSE13290 Circulating Cells in Coronary Collateral Artery Growth II
Alternative to GPL6104 (official)

Data table header descriptions
ID Unique Illumina target identifier
GB_ACC Refseq mRNA accession number
SYMBOL Gene Symbol
DEFINITION Gene Description
ONTOLOGY Gene Ontology Categories
SYNONYM Alternative gene names

Data table
ILMN_10000 NM_007112.3 THBS3 Homo sapiens thrombospondin 3 (THBS3), mRNA. cell-matrix adhesion [goid 7160] [pmid 8468055] [evidence TAS]; cell motility [goid 6928] [evidence NR ]; calcium ion binding [goid 5509] [pmid 8288588] [evidence TAS]; structural molecule activity [goid 5198] [evidence IEA]; protein binding [goid 5515] [evidence IEA]; heparin binding [goid 8201] [evidence NR ]; extracellular matrix (sensu Metazoa) [goid 5578] [evidence NR ] TSP3
ILMN_10001 NM_018976.3 SLC38A2 Homo sapiens solute carrier family 38, member 2 (SLC38A2), mRNA. transport [goid 6810] [evidence IEA]; amino acid transport [goid 6865] [evidence IEA]; amino acid-polyamine transporter activity [goid 5279] [evidence IEA]; membrane [goid 16020] [evidence IEA] ATA2; SAT2; SNAT2; PRO1068; KIAA1382
ILMN_10002 NM_175569.1 XG Homo sapiens Xg blood group (XG), mRNA. biological process unknown [goid 4] [evidence ND ]; molecular function unknown [goid 5554] [pmid 8054981] [evidence ND ]; membrane [goid 16020] [evidence NAS]; integral to membrane [goid 16021] [evidence IEA] PBDX; MGC118758; MGC118759; MGC118760; MGC118761
ILMN_10004 NM_001954.3 DDR1 Homo sapiens discoidin domain receptor family, member 1 (DDR1), transcript variant 2, mRNA. cell adhesion [goid 7155] [pmid 8302582] [evidence TAS]; transmembrane receptor protein tyrosine kinase signaling pathway [goid 7169] [evidence IEA]; protein amino acid phosphorylation [goid 6468] [evidence IEA]; nucleotide binding [goid 166] [evidence IEA]; transmembrane receptor protein tyrosine kinase activity [goid 4714] [pmid 9659899] [evidence TAS]; receptor activity [goid 4872] [evidence IEA]; transferase activity [goid 16740] [evidence IEA]; ATP binding [goid 5524] [evidence IEA]; protein-tyrosine kinase activity [goid 4713] [evidence IEA]; membrane [goid 16020] [evidence IEA]; integral to plasma membrane [goid 5887] [pmid 8390675] [evidence TAS] CAK; DDR; NEP; PTK3; RTK6; TRKE; CD167; EDDR1; MCK10; NTRK4; PTK3A
ILMN_10005 NM_031966.2 CCNB1 Homo sapiens cyclin B1 (CCNB1), mRNA. cell division [goid 51301] [evidence IEA]; mitosis [goid 7067] [evidence IEA]; regulation of cell cycle [goid 74] [evidence IEA]; G2/M transition of mitotic cell cycle [goid 86] [evidence NAS]; cell cycle [goid 7049] [evidence IEA]; protein binding [goid 5515] [pmid 10373560] [evidence IPI]; nucleus [goid 5634] [evidence IEA] CCNB
ILMN_10006 NM_032752.1 ZNF496 Homo sapiens zinc finger protein 496 (ZNF496), mRNA. regulation of transcription, DNA-dependent [goid 6355] [evidence IEA]; transcription [goid 6350] [evidence IEA]; metal ion binding [goid 46872] [evidence IEA]; nucleic acid binding [goid 3676] [evidence IEA]; zinc ion binding [goid 8270] [evidence IEA]; protein binding [goid 5515] [pmid 16189514] [evidence IPI]; transcription factor activity [goid 3700] [evidence IEA]; nucleus [goid 5634] [evidence IEA] NIZP1; MGC15548
ILMN_10009 NM_001014444.1 CRYM Homo sapiens crystallin, mu (CRYM), transcript variant 2, mRNA. visual perception [goid 7601] [pmid 1384048] [evidence TAS]; catalytic activity [goid 3824] [evidence IEA]; ornithine cyclodeaminase activity [goid 8473] [pmid 1384048] [evidence TAS] THBP; DFNA40
ILMN_1001 NM_033128.1 SCIN Homo sapiens scinderin (SCIN), mRNA. positive regulation of megakaryocyte differentiation [goid 45654] [pmid 11568009] [evidence IMP]; barbed-end actin filament capping [goid 51016] [evidence IEA]; actin nucleation [goid 45010] [evidence ISS]; actin filament severing [goid 51014] [pmid 11568009] [evidence IMP]; negative regulation of cell proliferation [goid 8285] [pmid 11568009] [evidence IMP]; positive regulation of secretion [goid 51047] [evidence ISS]; positive regulation of apoptosis [goid 43065] [pmid 11568009] [evidence IMP]; calcium ion-dependent exocytosis [goid 17156] [evidence ISS]; phosphatidylserine binding [goid 1786] [evidence ISS]; calcium ion binding [goid 5509] [pmid 11568009] [evidence TAS]; phosphatidylinositol-4,5-bisphosphate binding [goid 5546] [evidence ISS]; phosphatidylinositol binding [goid 5545] [pmid 11568009] [evidence TAS]; actin filament binding [goid 51015] [evidence ISS]; cytoskeleton [goid 5856] [evidence IEA]; cell cortex [goid 5938] [evidence ISS] KIAA1905
ILMN_10010 NM_000042.1 APOH Homo sapiens apolipoprotein H (beta-2-glycoprotein I) (APOH), mRNA. defense response [goid 6952] [evidence NR ]; lipid transporter activity [goid 5319] [evidence NR ]; heparin binding [goid 8201] [evidence IEA]; extracellular space [goid 5615] [evidence IEA] BG; B2G1
ILMN_10011 NM_005904.2 SMAD7 Homo sapiens SMAD, mothers against DPP homolog 7 (Drosophila) (SMAD7), mRNA. regulation of transcription, DNA-dependent [goid 6355] [evidence IEA]; transforming growth factor beta receptor signaling pathway [goid 7179] [pmid 10823886] [evidence TAS]; response to stress [goid 6950] [pmid 9256479] [evidence TAS]; transcription [goid 6350] [evidence IEA]; transforming growth factor beta receptor, inhibitory cytoplasmic mediator activity [goid 30617] [pmid 9215638] [evidence TAS]; receptor signaling protein serine/threonine kinase signaling protein activity [goid 5076] [evidence NR ]; protein binding [goid 5515] [pmid 9256479] [evidence TAS]; nucleus [goid 5634] [evidence IEA] MADH7; MADH8
ILMN_10012 NM_001008539.1 SLC7A2 Homo sapiens solute carrier family 7 (cationic amino acid transporter, y+ system), member 2 (SLC7A2), transcript variant 1, mRNA. transport [goid 6810] [pmid 8954799] [evidence TAS]; amino acid metabolism [goid 6520] [pmid 8954799] [evidence TAS]; amino acid transport [goid 6865] [evidence IEA]; basic amino acid transporter activity [goid 15174] [pmid 8954799] [evidence TAS]; amino acid permease activity [goid 15359] [evidence IEA]; membrane fraction [goid 5624] [pmid 8954799] [evidence TAS]; integral to membrane [goid 16021] [evidence IEA]; membrane [goid 16020] [evidence IEA]; integral to plasma membrane [goid 5887] [pmid 8954799] [evidence TAS] ATRC2; CAT-2; HCAT2
ILMN_10013 NM_002289.2 LALBA Homo sapiens lactalbumin, alpha- (LALBA), mRNA. defense response to bacteria [goid 42742] [pmid 7644538] [evidence TAS]; lactose biosynthesis [goid 5989] [pmid 7708733] [evidence TAS]; cell-cell signaling [goid 7267] [pmid 7644538] [evidence TAS]; induction of apoptosis [goid 6917] [pmid 7644538] [evidence TAS]; signal transduction [goid 7165] [pmid 7644538] [evidence TAS]; lactose synthase activity [goid 4461] [evidence IEA]; calcium ion binding [goid 5509] [evidence IEA]; extracellular space [goid 5615] [pmid 7644538] [evidence TAS]
ILMN_10014 NM_020535.3 KIR2DL5A Homo sapiens killer cell immunoglobulin-like receptor, two domains, long cytoplasmic tail, 5A (KIR2DL5A), mRNA. receptor activity [goid 4872] [evidence IEA] CD158F; KIR2DL5; KIR2DL5.1
ILMN_10016 NM_001362.2 DIO3 Homo sapiens deiodinase, iodothyronine, type III (DIO3), mRNA. hormone biosynthesis [goid 42446] [evidence IEA]; selenium binding [goid 8430] [evidence IEA]; thyroxine 5'-deiodinase activity [goid 4800] [pmid 7593630] [evidence NAS]; cellular component unknown [goid 8372] [evidence ND ] D3; 5DIII; TXDI3; DIOIII
ILMN_1002 NM_175053.2 K6IRS4 Homo sapiens keratin 6 irs4 (K6IRS4), mRNA. structural molecule activity [goid 5198] [evidence IEA]; intermediate filament [goid 5882] [evidence IEA] KRT5C; KRT6IRS4
ILMN_10020 NM_003304.3 TRPC1 Homo sapiens transient receptor potential cation channel, subfamily C, member 1 (TRPC1), mRNA. cation transport [goid 6812] [evidence IEA]; calcium ion transport [goid 6816] [pmid 8646775] [evidence TAS]; store-operated calcium channel activity [goid 15279] [pmid 8663995] [evidence TAS]; calcium ion binding [goid 5509] [evidence IEA]; integral to plasma membrane [goid 5887] [pmid 7568191] [evidence TAS]; plasma membrane [goid 5886] [pmid 8663995] [evidence NAS] TRP1; HTRP-1
ILMN_10021 NM_013975.2 LIG3 Homo sapiens ligase III, DNA, ATP-dependent (LIG3), nuclear gene encoding mitochondrial protein, transcript variant alpha, mRNA. cell cycle [goid 7049] [evidence IEA]; cell division [goid 51301] [evidence IEA]; meiotic recombination [goid 7131] [pmid 7565692] [evidence TAS]; spermatogenesis [goid 7283] [pmid 7565692] [evidence TAS]; DNA replication [goid 6260] [evidence IEA]; DNA repair [goid 6281] [pmid 7565692] [evidence TAS]; metal ion binding [goid 46872] [evidence IEA]; nucleotide binding [goid 166] [evidence IEA]; DNA ligase (ATP) activity [goid 3910] [evidence IEA]; DNA binding [goid 3677] [pmid 7565692] [evidence TAS]; ATP binding [goid 5524] [evidence IEA]; ligase activity [goid 16874] [evidence IEA]; nucleus [goid 5634] [pmid 7565692] [evidence TAS]
ILMN_10022 NM_004122.1 GHSR Homo sapiens growth hormone secretagogue receptor (GHSR), transcript variant 1b, mRNA. signal transduction [goid 7165] [evidence IEA]; G-protein coupled receptor protein signaling pathway [goid 7186] [pmid 8688086] [evidence TAS]; rhodopsin-like receptor activity [goid 1584] [evidence IEA]; growth hormone-releasing hormone receptor activity [goid 16520] [evidence IEA]; receptor activity [goid 4872] [evidence IEA]; integral to membrane [goid 16021] [pmid 8688086] [evidence TAS]; plasma membrane [goid 5886] [pmid 8688086] [evidence TAS]
ILMN_10023 NM_005525.2 HSD11B1 Homo sapiens hydroxysteroid (11-beta) dehydrogenase 1 (HSD11B1), transcript variant 1, mRNA. metabolism [goid 8152] [evidence IEA]; glucocorticoid metabolism [goid 8211] [pmid 10497258] [evidence NAS]; lipid metabolism [goid 6629] [evidence IEA]; oxidoreductase activity [goid 16491] [evidence IEA]; 11-beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase activity [goid 3845] [pmid 10497258] [evidence IDA]; endoplasmic reticulum membrane [goid 5789] [pmid 10497258] [evidence IDA]; microsome [goid 5792] [evidence IEA]; integral to membrane [goid 16021] [evidence IEA]; membrane [goid 16020] [evidence IEA] HDL; 11-DH; HSD11; HSD11B; HSD11L; MGC13539; 11-beta-HSD1
ILMN_10024 NM_144623.2 FLJ32784 Homo sapiens hypothetical protein FLJ32784 (FLJ32784), mRNA. FLJ43845

Total number of rows: 20589

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