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Drug Response; Monitoring; Prognostic; ...
Acute lymphoid leukemia; B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia; Childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia; ...
Genes (3): Help
IGH (14q32.33), IGK (2p11.2), IGL (22q11.22)
Molecular Genetics - Sequence analysis of select exons: Next-Generation (NGS)/Massively parallel sequencing (MPS)
Oncology (hematolymphoid neoplasm)
Not provided
Not provided
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  • Health Care Provider
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Laboratory can only accept contact from health care providers. Patients/families are encouraged to discuss genetic testing options with their health care provider.
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clonoSEQ MRD
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FDA-reviewed (has FDA test name)
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Gene Associated Condition Germline or Somatic Allele (Lab-provided) Variant in NCBI
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Sequence analysis of select exons
Next-Generation (NGS)/Massively parallel sequencing (MPS)
* Instrument: Not provided
Clinical Information
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Drug Response; Monitoring; Prognostic; Therapeutic management
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Oncology (hematolymphoid neoplasm)
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Technical Information
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Tests performed
Entire test performed in-house
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LoD and LoQ were estimated at 1.903 cells and 2.390 malignant cells, respectively. LoB was zero in healthy donor gDNA. Precision ranged from 18% CV (coefficient of variation) at higher DNA inputs to 68% CV near the LoD. Variance component analysis showed MRD results were robust, with expected laboratory process … View more
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  • Ching T, Duncan ME, Newman-Eerkes T, McWhorter MME, Tracy JM, Steen MS, Brown RP, Venkatasubbarao S, Akers NK, Vignali M, Moorhead ME, Watson D, Emerson RO, Mann TP, Cimler BM, Swatkowski PL, Kirsch IR, Sang C, Robins HS, Howie B, Sherwood A. Analytical evaluation of the clonoSEQ Assay for establishing measurable (minimal) residual disease in acute lymphoblastic leukemia, chronic lymphocytic leukemia, and multiple myeloma. BMC Cancer. 2020;20(1):612. doi:10.1186/s12885-020-07077-9. Epub 2020 Jun 30. PMID: 32605647.
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Category: IVD - In Vitro Device.
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Number: 63119
Status: Approved
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