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Region 17p13 Allelic Loss Associated Medulloblastoma

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Neoplastic Process


A medulloblastoma characterized by the loss of one of the p13 regions of chromosome 17. Loss of genetic material of chromosome arm 17p is the most common molecular genetic abnormality found in medulloblastomas. [from NCI]

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  • CROGVRegion 17p13 Allelic Loss Associated Medulloblastoma

Recent clinical studies

Clinical prediction guides

Pietsch T, Koch A, Wiestler OD
Klin Padiatr 1997 Jul-Aug;209(4):150-5. doi: 10.1055/s-2008-1043965. PMID: 9293446
Biegel JA, Burk CD, Barr FG, Emanuel BS
Cancer Res 1992 Jun 15;52(12):3391-5. PMID: 1596898

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