Defined in file pcassay2.asn
C++ class: CPC_AssayDescription

PC-AssayDescription ::= SEQUENCE {
    -- Internal/External Tracking Information
    aid               PC-ID,                                 -- Assay Description ID/Version  [Either valid ID
                                                             --   or, if "aid-source" is used, a "0" dummy value]
                                                             --   Note: Version is for internal use (only?)
                                                             --   Note: A valid ID is greater than "0"
    aid-source        PC-Source                    OPTIONAL, -- External Identifier for this Assay Description
                                                             --   Note: May be used in-lieu of "aid"
                                                             --   Note: This is non-optional if "aid" ID is "0"

    -- Assay Description Information
    name              UTF8String,                            -- Short Assay Name (for display purposes)
    description       SEQUENCE OF UTF8String       OPTIONAL, -- Description of Assay
    protocol          SEQUENCE OF UTF8String       OPTIONAL, -- Procedure used to generate results
    comment           SEQUENCE OF UTF8String       OPTIONAL, -- Comments or additional information
    xref              SEQUENCE OF PC-AnnotatedXRef OPTIONAL, -- Annotated Cross-Reference Information

    -- Allowed Assay Result Types
    results           SEQUENCE OF PC-ResultType    OPTIONAL, -- Result Definitions (vector)

    -- Additional Information
    -- pub               SEQUENCE OF Pub                 OPTIONAL, Depositor provided publications for this assay (never used)
    revision          INTEGER                         OPTIONAL, -- Revision identifier for textual description
    target            SEQUENCE OF PC-AssayTargetInfo  OPTIONAL, -- Target information
    activity-outcome-method  INTEGER {                         -- Assay Outcome Qualifier
                               other              (0),          --   All Other Type
                               screening          (1),          --   Primary Screen Assay
                               confirmatory       (2),          --   Confirmatory Assay
                               summary            (3)           --   Probe Summary Assay
    }                                                 OPTIONAL,

    dr                SEQUENCE OF PC-AssayDRAttr      OPTIONAL, -- Dose-Response Attribution
    substance-type    INTEGER {
                         small-molecule                (1),
                         nucleotide                    (2),
                         other                       (255)
                      }   OPTIONAL,                             -- to distinguish the type of substance used in the screening

    -- Grant and project category information
    grant-number      SEQUENCE OF VisibleString     OPTIONAL,   -- grant proposal number
                                                                -- required for 'MLSCN' & 'MLPCN' projects
    project-category  INTEGER {                   -- to distinguish projects funded through MLSCN, MLPCN or other
                        mlscn                  (1), -- assay depositions from MLSCN screen center
                        mlpcn                  (2), -- assay depositions from MLPCN screen center
                        mlscn-ap               (3), -- assay depositions from MLSCN assay provider
                        mlpcn-ap               (4), -- assay depositions from MLPCN assay provider
                        journal-article        (5), -- to be deprecated and replaced by option 7, 8 & 9
                        assay-vendor           (6), -- assay depositions from assay vendors
                        literature-extracted   (7), -- data from literature, extracted by curators
                        literature-author      (8), -- data from literature, submitted by author of articles
                        literature-publisher   (9), -- data from literature, submitted by journals/publishers
                        rnaigi                (10), -- RNAi screenings from RNAi Global Initiative
                        other                (255)
                      }                 OPTIONAL,

    assay-group       SEQUENCE OF VisibleString   OPTIONAL,     -- annotation for assay gruop information, e.g. this
                                                                -- assay belongs to a group of assay associated by
                                                                -- a unique name, e.g. the value assigned to 'assay-group',
                                                                -- assays belonging to this group can be
                                                                -- retrieved using this unique name
                                                                -- it is depositor's responsibility to make the name
                                                                -- distinct if necessary
                                                                -- this can be used as the mechanism to specify 'related bioassays'
                                                                -- before hand so it is not necessary to update the descriptions of
                                                                -- related assays when new group member submitted to PubChem

    -- is-mlp-late-stage       BOOLEAN OPTIONAL,                   verification for 'late-stage-data' deposition (never used)
    categorized-comment SEQUENCE OF PC-CategorizedComment OPTIONAL
                                                                -- to report categorized description/comment by associating with a category title