Defined in file gbproj.asn
C++ class: CProjectItem

ProjectItem ::= SEQUENCE {
    -- serial number - must be unique in a project (GBProject)
    id INTEGER,

    -- user-defined label
    label VisibleString OPTIONAL,

    -- user-defined descriptors
    descr SET OF Annotdesc OPTIONAL,

    -- the item we represent
    item CHOICE {
        -- for projects that simply import a far-pointer
        id     Seq-id,

        -- for projects that contain something else
        entry  Seq-entry,

        -- annotation only
        annot  Seq-annot,

        -- for submission
        submit Seq-submit,

        -- seq-align and seq-align-set as registered items
        seq-align     Seq-align,
        seq-align-set Seq-align-set,

        -- plugin message
        -- This is deprecated. DO NOT USE THIS FIELD.
        -- The original spec is: plugin PluginMessage.
	      -- It is intended to be removed, but a complete
		    -- removal will cause order shift for the rest of 
		    -- fields in this choice, and cause deserialization
		    -- failure for existing ASN files since this filed is
		    -- in the middle of the spec.
		    obsolete-plugin DummyObsoleteType,

        -- arbitrary object (use with care!)
        other AbstractProjectItem,
        -- PubMed ID
        pmid   SET OF INTEGER,

        -- Taxonomy ID
        taxid  SET OF INTEGER

    --name of the plugin that can handle External Data for the project
    data-plugin VisibleString OPTIONAL,

    -- "folder open" state
    disabled    BOOLEAN OPTIONAL