Defined in file scoremat.asn
C++ class: CSite_annot

Site-annot ::= SEQUENCE {
  startPosition  INTEGER,                -- location of the annotation,
  stopPosition   INTEGER,                -- start and stop position in the
                                         -- PSSM

  description    VisibleString OPTIONAL, -- holds description or names, that
                                         -- can be used for labels in
                                         -- visualization

  type           INTEGER OPTIONAL,       -- type of the annotated feature,
                                         -- similarly to Align-annot in
                                         -- NCBI-Cdd

  aliases        SEQUENCE OF VisibleString OPTIONAL, -- additional names for
                                                     -- the annotation

  motif          VisibleString OPTIONAL, -- motif to validate mapping of sites

  motifuse       INTEGER OPTIONAL        -- 0 for validation
                                         -- 1 for motif in seqloc
                                         -- 2 for multiple motifs in seqloc