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CDiagContext_Extra Class Reference

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Temporary object for holding extra message arguments. More...

#include <corelib/ncbidiag.hpp>

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Public Types

typedef SDiagMessage::TExtraArg TExtraArg
typedef SDiagMessage::TExtraArgs TExtraArgs

Public Member Functions

 ~CDiagContext_Extra (void)
 Prints all arguments as "name1=value1&name2=value2...". More...
CDiagContext_ExtraPrint (const string &name, const string &value)
 The method does not print the argument, but adds it to the string. More...
CDiagContext_ExtraPrint (const string &name, const char *value)
 Overloaded Print() for all types. More...
CDiagContext_ExtraPrint (const string &name, int value)
CDiagContext_ExtraPrint (const string &name, unsigned int value)
CDiagContext_ExtraPrint (const string &name, long value)
CDiagContext_ExtraPrint (const string &name, unsigned long value)
CDiagContext_ExtraPrint (const string &name, Int8 value)
CDiagContext_ExtraPrint (const string &name, Uint8 value)
CDiagContext_ExtraPrint (const string &name, char value)
CDiagContext_ExtraPrint (const string &name, signed char value)
CDiagContext_ExtraPrint (const string &name, unsigned char value)
CDiagContext_ExtraPrint (const string &name, double value)
CDiagContext_ExtraPrint (const string &name, bool value)
template<class TKey , class TStorage >
CDiagContext_ExtraPrint (const string &name, const CStrictId< TKey, TStorage > &value)
CDiagContext_ExtraPrint (TExtraArgs &args)
 The method does not print the arguments, but adds it to the string. More...
 CDiagContext_Extra (const CDiagContext_Extra &args)
 Copying the object will prevent printing it on destruction. More...
CDiagContext_Extraoperator= (const CDiagContext_Extra &args)
void Flush (void)
 Print the message and reset object. More...
CDiagContext_ExtraSetType (const string &type)
 Set extra message type. More...
CDiagContext_ExtraAllowBadSymbolsInArgNames (void)
 Allow bad symbols in argument names. More...

Private Member Functions

void x_Release (void)
bool x_CanPrint (void)
 CDiagContext_Extra (SDiagMessage::EEventType event_type)
 CDiagContext_Extra (int status, double timespan, TExtraArgs &args)
CDiagContext_ExtraPrintNcbiRoleAndLocation (void)
CDiagContext_ExtraPrintNcbiAppInfoOnStart (void)
CDiagContext_ExtraPrintNcbiAppInfoOnRequest (void)

Private Attributes

SDiagMessage::EEventType m_EventType
bool m_Typed
int m_PerfStatus
double m_PerfTime
bool m_Flushed
bool m_AllowBadNames


class CDiagContext
CDiagContext_Extra g_PostPerf (int status, double timespan, SDiagMessage::TExtraArgs &args)

Detailed Description

Temporary object for holding extra message arguments.

Prints all of the arguments on destruction.

Definition at line 1827 of file ncbidiag.hpp.

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