NCBI C++ ToolKit

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 Application Framework
 Command-Line Argument Processing
 Atomic Counters
 Debugging Macros
 Run-Time Diagnostics
 Access To Shell Environment
 File System Access
 Smart Pointers with Reference Counting
 this relieves us of some nastiness with Win32's version of GetObject(), which prevents us from using CRef<>::GetObject in lots of places
 Fixed-Size Types and Their Limits
 DLL Support
 Plugin Creation and Usage Framework
 Configuration Utilities
 Process Creation and Execution
 Exceptions Hierarchy
 Application Registry
 NCBI Namespaces Etc
 C++ IOStream Fixups And Utilities
 String Manipulations
 STL-related And Other Template Utilities
 Time And Date
 Tree Templates
 MT-safety Testing Framework
 Process Management
 Parameters Storage

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Core Library members.

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