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CObjectStackFrame Class Reference

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#include <serial/impl/objstack.hpp>

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Public Types

enum  EFrameType {
  eFrameOther = 0 , eFrameNamed , eFrameArray , eFrameArrayElement ,
  eFrameClass , eFrameClassMember , eFrameChoice , eFrameChoiceVariant

Public Member Functions

void Reset (void)
EFrameType GetFrameType (void) const
bool HasTypeInfo (void) const
bool HasTypeInfo (TTypeInfo type) const
TTypeInfo GetTypeInfo (void) const
bool HasMemberId (void) const
const CMemberIdGetMemberId (void) const
TConstObjectPtr GetObjectPtr (void) const
void SetNotag (bool set=true)
bool GetNotag (void) const
void SetNoEOC (bool set=true)
bool GetNoEOC (void) const
const char * GetFrameTypeName (void) const
string GetFrameInfo (void) const
string GetFrameName (void) const
ENsQualifiedMode IsNsQualified (void) const
void SetNsQualified (ENsQualifiedMode mode)

Protected Member Functions

void SetMemberId (const CMemberId &memberid)

Private Attributes

TTypeInfo m_TypeInfo
const CMemberIdm_MemberId
TConstObjectPtr m_ObjectPtr
EFrameType m_FrameType
ENsQualifiedMode m_NsqMode
bool m_Notag
bool m_NoEOC


class CObjectStack

Detailed Description

Definition at line 60 of file objstack.hpp.

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