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inference_panel.cpp File Reference
#include <ncbi_pch.hpp>
#include <objects/seqfeat/Gb_qual.hpp>
#include <gui/widgets/wx/wx_utils.hpp>
#include <wx/statbox.h>
#include <wx/combobox.h>
#include <gui/widgets/edit/inference_panel.hpp>
#include <gui/widgets/edit/gbqual_panel.hpp>
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typedef SStaticPair< const char *, const char * > TInferenceTypeSynonymPairElem
typedef CStaticArrayMap< const char *, const char *, PNocase_CStrTInferenceTypeSynonymPairMap


 DEFINE_STATIC_ARRAY_MAP (TInferenceTypeSynonymPairMap, sc_InferenceTypeSynonymPairMap, k_inference_type_synonym_pair_map)


static const TInferenceTypeSynonymPairElem k_inference_type_synonym_pair_map []

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◆ TInferenceTypeSynonymPairElem

Definition at line 196 of file inference_panel.cpp.

◆ TInferenceTypeSynonymPairMap

Definition at line 207 of file inference_panel.cpp.

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DEFINE_STATIC_ARRAY_MAP ( TInferenceTypeSynonymPairMap  ,
sc_InferenceTypeSynonymPairMap  ,

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◆ k_inference_type_synonym_pair_map

const TInferenceTypeSynonymPairElem k_inference_type_synonym_pair_map[]
Initial value:
= {
{ "similar to AA sequence", "similar to protein" },
{ "similar to DNA sequence", "similar to DNA" },
{ "similar to RNA sequence", "similar to RNA" },
{ "similar to RNA sequence, EST", "similar to EST" },
{ "similar to RNA sequence, mRNA", "similar to mRNA" },
{ "similar to RNA sequence, other", "similar to other RNA" },

Definition at line 197 of file inference_panel.cpp.

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