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logging.hpp File Reference
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void SaveAppCmdLine (const string &cmd_line)
string GetLogFileName (void)
string GetLogVisibility (void)
string GetSoftFatalAction (void)
void SetLogFileName (CTempString name)
void ConfigureLogging (const CNcbiRegistry *reg, CTempString section)
bool ReConfig_Logging (const CTempString &section, const CNcbiRegistry &new_reg, string &err_message)
void WriteSetup_Logging (CSrvSocketTask &task)
void InitLogging (void)
void LogNoteThreadsStarted (void)
void FinalizeLogging (void)
void AssignThreadLogging (SSrvThread *thr)
void StartThreadLogging (SSrvThread *thr)
void StopThreadLogging (SSrvThread *thr)
void ReleaseThreadLogging (SSrvThread *thr)
void CheckLoggingFlush (SSrvThread *thr)
void Logging_DiskSpaceAlert (void)
bool IsLongCommand (Uint8 cmd_len)

Function Documentation

◆ AssignThreadLogging()

void AssignThreadLogging ( SSrvThread thr)

Definition at line 606 of file logging.cpp.

References s_AllocMainData(), s_AllocNewData(), s_MainData, and thr.

Referenced by s_AllocThread().

◆ CheckLoggingFlush()

void CheckLoggingFlush ( SSrvThread thr)

◆ ConfigureLogging()

void ConfigureLogging ( const CNcbiRegistry reg,
CTempString  section 

◆ FinalizeLogging()

void FinalizeLogging ( void  )

◆ GetLogFileName()

string GetLogFileName ( void  )

Definition at line 146 of file logging.cpp.

References s_FileName.

Referenced by main(), and CNCServer::WriteEnvInfo().

◆ GetLogVisibility()

string GetLogVisibility ( void  )

Definition at line 151 of file logging.cpp.

References s_SevNames, and s_VisibleSev.

Referenced by CNCStat::PrintState(), and WriteSetup_Logging().

◆ GetSoftFatalAction()

string GetSoftFatalAction ( void  )

Definition at line 156 of file logging.cpp.

References s_SoftFatal, and s_SoftFatalActions.

Referenced by CNCStat::PrintState(), and WriteSetup_Logging().

◆ InitLogging()

void InitLogging ( void  )

Definition at line 573 of file logging.cpp.

References s_AllocMainData(), s_InitFileName(), s_LogWriter, and s_MainData.

Referenced by CTaskServer::Initialize().

◆ IsLongCommand()

bool IsLongCommand ( Uint8  cmd_len)

Definition at line 555 of file logging.cpp.

References s_LongCmd.

Referenced by CNCMessageHandler::x_CleanCmdResources().

◆ Logging_DiskSpaceAlert()

void Logging_DiskSpaceAlert ( void  )

Definition at line 126 of file logging.cpp.

References s_DiskSpaceAlert.

Referenced by CNCBlobStorage::CheckDiskSpace().

◆ LogNoteThreadsStarted()

void LogNoteThreadsStarted ( void  )

Definition at line 517 of file logging.cpp.

References s_MainData, s_RotateLogBuf(), and s_ThreadsStarted.

Referenced by s_StartAllThreads().

◆ ReConfig_Logging()

bool ReConfig_Logging ( const CTempString section,
const CNcbiRegistry new_reg,
string err_message 

Definition at line 549 of file logging.cpp.

References ConfigureLogging().

Referenced by CTaskServer::ReConfig().

◆ ReleaseThreadLogging()

void ReleaseThreadLogging ( SSrvThread thr)

Definition at line 653 of file logging.cpp.

References data, s_WriteLog(), and thr.

Referenced by s_JoinAllThreads().

◆ SaveAppCmdLine()

void SaveAppCmdLine ( const string cmd_line)

Definition at line 132 of file logging.cpp.

References s_CmdLine.

Referenced by s_ProcessParameters().

◆ SetLogFileName()

void SetLogFileName ( CTempString  name)

◆ StartThreadLogging()

void StartThreadLogging ( SSrvThread thr)

Definition at line 635 of file logging.cpp.

References s_AllocNewData(), and thr.

Referenced by s_StartCurMgrThread().

◆ StopThreadLogging()

void StopThreadLogging ( SSrvThread thr)

Definition at line 641 of file logging.cpp.

References data, free(), s_CheckFatalAbort(), s_QueueLogWrite(), and thr.

Referenced by s_StopCurMgrThread().

◆ WriteSetup_Logging()

void WriteSetup_Logging ( CSrvSocketTask task)
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