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utilref.cpp File Reference
#include <ncbi_pch.hpp>
#include "ftacpp.hpp"
#include <objects/general/Person_id.hpp>
#include <objects/biblio/Auth_list.hpp>
#include <objects/biblio/Cit_gen.hpp>
#include "index.h"
#include <objtools/flatfile/flatdefn.h>
#include "ftaerr.hpp"
#include "asci_blk.h"
#include "utilref.h"
#include "add.h"
#include "utilfun.h"
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#define THIS_FILE   "utilref.cpp"
#define MAX_PAGE   50
#define OTHER_MEDIUM   255


 USING_SCOPE (objects)
ValNodePtr get_tokens (char *pt, const Char *delimeter)
static void RemoveSpacesAndCommas (string &str)
void get_auth_from_toks (ValNodePtr token, ERefFormat format, CRef< CAuth_list > &auths)
CRef< CAuthorget_std_auth (const Char *token, ERefFormat format)
void get_auth (char *pt, ERefFormat format, char *jour, CRef< CAuth_list > &auths)
void get_auth_consortium (char *cons, CRef< CAuth_list > &auths)
static Int4 check_mix_pages_range (char *pages)
Int4 valid_pages_range (char *pages, const Char *title, Int4 er, bool inpress)
CRef< CDateget_date (const Char *year)
CRef< CCit_genget_error (char *bptr, CRef< CAuth_list > &auth_list, CRef< CTitle::C_E > &title)

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#define MAX_PAGE   50

Definition at line 59 of file utilref.cpp.


#define OTHER_MEDIUM   255

Definition at line 60 of file utilref.cpp.


#define THIS_FILE   "utilref.cpp"

Definition at line 57 of file utilref.cpp.

Function Documentation

◆ check_mix_pages_range()

static Int4 check_mix_pages_range ( char *  pages)

Definition at line 326 of file utilref.cpp.

References ch1, ch2, i, StringChr, and StringEqu().

Referenced by valid_pages_range().

◆ get_auth()

void get_auth ( char *  pt,
ERefFormat  format,
char *  jour,
CRef< CAuth_list > &  auths 

◆ get_auth_consortium()

void get_auth_consortium ( char *  cons,
CRef< CAuth_list > &  auths 

◆ get_auth_from_toks()

void get_auth_from_toks ( ValNodePtr  token,
ERefFormat  format,
CRef< CAuth_list > &  auths 

◆ get_date()

CRef<CDate> get_date ( const Char year)

◆ get_error()

CRef<CCit_gen> get_error ( char *  bptr,
CRef< CAuth_list > &  auth_list,
CRef< CTitle::C_E > &  title 

Definition at line 541 of file utilref.cpp.

References isdigit(), len, CRef< C, Locker >::NotEmpty(), NStr::Sanitize(), StringEquN(), and StringLen().

Referenced by journal().

◆ get_std_auth()

CRef<CAuthor> get_std_auth ( const Char token,
ERefFormat  format 

◆ get_tokens()

ValNodePtr get_tokens ( char *  pt,
const Char delimeter 

Definition at line 66 of file utilref.cpp.

References ValNode::data, ValNode::next, StringChr, StringEquN(), StringLen(), and ValNodeNew().

Referenced by get_auth(), GetCitBookOld(), and NotName().

◆ RemoveSpacesAndCommas()

static void RemoveSpacesAndCommas ( string str)

Definition at line 116 of file utilref.cpp.

References buf, and str().

Referenced by get_auth_from_toks().


USING_SCOPE ( objects  )

◆ valid_pages_range()

Int4 valid_pages_range ( char *  pages,
const Char title,
Int4  er,
bool  inpress 
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