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seqdb_writer Directory Reference
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directory  impl


file  build_db.hpp [code]
 Code to build a database given various sources of sequence data.
file  multisource_util.hpp [code]
file  seqidlist_writer.hpp [code]
file  taxid_set.hpp [code]
 Class which defines sequence id to taxid mapping.
file  writedb.hpp [code]
 Defines BLAST database construction classes.
file  writedb_convert.hpp [code]
 Data conversion tools for CWriteDB and associated code.
file  writedb_error.hpp [code]
 Defines exception class for WriteDB.
file  writedb_files.hpp [code]
 Code for database files construction.
file  writedb_general.hpp [code]
 Implementation for general purpose utilities for WriteDB.
file  writedb_isam.hpp [code]
 Code for database isam construction.
file  writedb_lmdb.hpp [code]
 Defines lmdb implementation of string-key database.
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