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SPSGS_BlobRequestBase Struct Reference

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#include "psgs_request.hpp"
(Private to src/app/pubseq_gateway/server.)

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Public Types

enum  EPSGS_TSEOption {
  ePSGS_NoneTSE , ePSGS_SlimTSE , ePSGS_SmartTSE , ePSGS_WholeTSE ,
  ePSGS_OrigTSE , ePSGS_UnknownTSE
- Public Types inherited from SPSGS_RequestBase
enum  EPSGS_CacheAndDbUse { ePSGS_CacheOnly , ePSGS_DbOnly , ePSGS_CacheAndDb , ePSGS_UnknownUseCache }
enum  EPSGS_AccSubstitutioOption { ePSGS_DefaultAccSubstitution , ePSGS_LimitedAccSubstitution , ePSGS_NeverAccSubstitute , ePSGS_UnknownAccSubstitution }
enum  EPSGS_Trace { ePSGS_NoTracing , ePSGS_WithTracing }

Public Member Functions

 SPSGS_BlobRequestBase (EPSGS_TSEOption tse_option, EPSGS_CacheAndDbUse use_cache, const string &client_id, int send_blob_if_small, int hops, const optional< bool > &include_hup, EPSGS_Trace trace, bool processor_events, const vector< string > &enabled_processors, const vector< string > &disabled_processors, const psg_time_point_t &start_timestamp)
 SPSGS_BlobRequestBase ()
void AppendCommonParameters (CJsonNode &json) const
 SPSGS_BlobRequestBase (const SPSGS_BlobRequestBase &)=default
 SPSGS_BlobRequestBase (SPSGS_BlobRequestBase &&)=default
SPSGS_BlobRequestBaseoperator= (const SPSGS_BlobRequestBase &)=default
SPSGS_BlobRequestBaseoperator= (SPSGS_BlobRequestBase &&)=default
- Public Member Functions inherited from SPSGS_RequestBase
 SPSGS_RequestBase ()
 SPSGS_RequestBase (EPSGS_Trace trace, bool processor_events, const vector< string > &enabled_processors, const vector< string > &disabled_processors, const psg_time_point_t &start)
virtual ~SPSGS_RequestBase ()
virtual CPSGS_Request::EPSGS_Type GetRequestType (void) const =0
virtual string GetName (void) const =0
virtual CJsonNode Serialize (void) const =0
virtual EPSGS_Trace GetTrace (void) const
virtual bool GetProcessorEvents (void) const
virtual psg_time_point_t GetStartTimestamp (void) const
void AppendCommonParameters (CJsonNode &json) const
 SPSGS_RequestBase (const SPSGS_RequestBase &)=default
 SPSGS_RequestBase (SPSGS_RequestBase &&)=default
SPSGS_RequestBaseoperator= (const SPSGS_RequestBase &)=default
SPSGS_RequestBaseoperator= (SPSGS_RequestBase &&)=default

Static Public Member Functions

static string TSEOptionToString (EPSGS_TSEOption option)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from SPSGS_RequestBase
static string CacheAndDbUseToString (EPSGS_CacheAndDbUse option)
static string AccSubstitutioOptionToString (EPSGS_AccSubstitutioOption option)
static string TraceToString (EPSGS_Trace trace)

Public Attributes

EPSGS_TSEOption m_TSEOption
EPSGS_CacheAndDbUse m_UseCache
string m_ClientId
unsigned long m_SendBlobIfSmall
SPSGS_BlobId m_BlobId
int m_Hops
optional< boolm_IncludeHUP
- Public Attributes inherited from SPSGS_RequestBase
EPSGS_Trace m_Trace
bool m_ProcessorEvents
psg_time_point_t m_StartTimestamp
vector< stringm_EnabledProcessors
vector< stringm_DisabledProcessors

Detailed Description

Definition at line 495 of file psgs_request.hpp.

Member Enumeration Documentation



Definition at line 498 of file psgs_request.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SPSGS_BlobRequestBase() [1/4]

SPSGS_BlobRequestBase::SPSGS_BlobRequestBase ( EPSGS_TSEOption  tse_option,
EPSGS_CacheAndDbUse  use_cache,
const string client_id,
int  send_blob_if_small,
int  hops,
const optional< bool > &  include_hup,
EPSGS_Trace  trace,
bool  processor_events,
const vector< string > &  enabled_processors,
const vector< string > &  disabled_processors,
const psg_time_point_t start_timestamp 

Definition at line 538 of file psgs_request.hpp.

◆ SPSGS_BlobRequestBase() [2/4]

SPSGS_BlobRequestBase::SPSGS_BlobRequestBase ( )

Definition at line 559 of file psgs_request.hpp.

◆ SPSGS_BlobRequestBase() [3/4]

SPSGS_BlobRequestBase::SPSGS_BlobRequestBase ( const SPSGS_BlobRequestBase )

◆ SPSGS_BlobRequestBase() [4/4]

SPSGS_BlobRequestBase::SPSGS_BlobRequestBase ( SPSGS_BlobRequestBase &&  )

Member Function Documentation

◆ AppendCommonParameters()

void SPSGS_BlobRequestBase::AppendCommonParameters ( CJsonNode json) const

◆ operator=() [1/2]

SPSGS_BlobRequestBase& SPSGS_BlobRequestBase::operator= ( const SPSGS_BlobRequestBase )

◆ operator=() [2/2]

SPSGS_BlobRequestBase& SPSGS_BlobRequestBase::operator= ( SPSGS_BlobRequestBase &&  )

◆ TSEOptionToString()

static string SPSGS_BlobRequestBase::TSEOptionToString ( EPSGS_TSEOption  option)

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_BlobId

SPSGS_BlobId SPSGS_BlobRequestBase::m_BlobId

◆ m_ClientId

string SPSGS_BlobRequestBase::m_ClientId

◆ m_Hops

int SPSGS_BlobRequestBase::m_Hops

Definition at line 535 of file psgs_request.hpp.

Referenced by AppendCommonParameters().

◆ m_IncludeHUP

optional<bool> SPSGS_BlobRequestBase::m_IncludeHUP

Definition at line 536 of file psgs_request.hpp.

◆ m_SendBlobIfSmall

unsigned long SPSGS_BlobRequestBase::m_SendBlobIfSmall

◆ m_TSEOption

EPSGS_TSEOption SPSGS_BlobRequestBase::m_TSEOption

◆ m_UseCache

EPSGS_CacheAndDbUse SPSGS_BlobRequestBase::m_UseCache

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