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CMappedGraph Class Reference

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CMappedGraph –. More...

#include <objmgr/graph_ci.hpp>

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Public Types

typedef CGraphRanges::TRange TRange
typedef CGraphRanges::TGraphRanges TGraphRanges

Public Member Functions

 CMappedGraph ()
 empty CMappedGraph More...
const CSeq_graphGetOriginalGraph (void) const
 Get original graph with unmapped location/product. More...
CSeq_annot_Handle GetAnnot (void) const
 Get containing annot handle. More...
CSeq_graph_Handle GetSeq_graph_Handle (void) const
 Get original graph handle. More...
bool operator== (const CMappedGraph &graph) const
 Check if it's the same graph. More...
bool operator!= (const CMappedGraph &graph) const
bool operator< (const CMappedGraph &graph) const
const CSeq_graphGetMappedGraph (void) const
 Graph mapped to the master sequence. More...
bool IsSetTitle (void) const
const stringGetTitle (void) const
bool IsSetComment (void) const
const stringGetComment (void) const
const CSeq_locGetLoc (void) const
bool IsSetTitle_x (void) const
const stringGetTitle_x (void) const
bool IsSetTitle_y (void) const
const stringGetTitle_y (void) const
bool IsSetComp (void) const
TSeqPos GetComp (void) const
bool IsSetA (void) const
double GetA (void) const
bool IsSetB (void) const
double GetB (void) const
TSeqPos GetNumval (void) const
const CSeq_graph::C_GraphGetGraph (void) const
const TRangeGetMappedGraphTotalRange (void) const
 Get the range of graph data used in the mapped graph. More...
const TGraphRangesGetMappedGraphRanges (void) const
 Get all mapped graph ranges. More...

Private Member Functions

void Set (CAnnot_Collector &collector, const CAnnotObject_Ref &annot_ref)
void Reset (void)
void MakeMappedGraph (void) const
void MakeMappedLoc (void) const
void MakeMappedGraphData (CSeq_graph &dst) const

Private Attributes

CRef< CAnnot_Collectorm_Collector
const CAnnotObject_Refm_GraphRef
CConstRef< CSeq_graphm_MappedGraph
CConstRef< CSeq_locm_MappedLoc


class CGraph_CI
class CAnnot_CI
class CAnnot_Collector

Detailed Description

CMappedGraph –.

Definition at line 60 of file graph_ci.hpp.

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