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ftanet.h File Reference
#include <objtools/flatfile/flatfile_parse_info.hpp>
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CRef< objects::COrg_ref > fta_fix_orgref_byid (ParserPtr pp, TTaxId taxid, bool *drop, bool isoh)
void fta_find_pub_explore (ParserPtr pp, TEntryList &seq_entries)
void fta_fill_find_pub_option (ParserPtr pp, bool htag, bool rtag)
Int4 fta_is_con_div (ParserPtr pp, const objects::CSeq_id &id, const Char *acc)
void fta_fix_orgref (ParserPtr pp, objects::COrg_ref &org_ref, bool *drop, char *organelle)

Function Documentation

◆ fta_fill_find_pub_option()

void fta_fill_find_pub_option ( ParserPtr  pp,
bool  htag,
bool  rtag 

◆ fta_find_pub_explore()

void fta_find_pub_explore ( ParserPtr  pp,
TEntryList seq_entries 

◆ fta_fix_orgref()

void fta_fix_orgref ( ParserPtr  pp,
objects::COrg_ref &  org_ref,
bool drop,
char *  organelle 

◆ fta_fix_orgref_byid()

CRef<objects::COrg_ref> fta_fix_orgref_byid ( ParserPtr  pp,
TTaxId  taxid,
bool drop,
bool  isoh 

◆ fta_is_con_div()

Int4 fta_is_con_div ( ParserPtr  pp,
const objects::CSeq_id &  id,
const Char acc 
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