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Gene amplification of the transcription factor DP1 and the CTNND1 in human lung cancer
4 Sandra Castillo Apr 11, 2010
Gene expression induced by TSA in undifferentiated human primary myoblasts versus terminally differentiated human myotubes
4 Roy M Williams Mar 01, 2011
A growth differentiation factor 9 (GDF9) motif regulates follicle-stimulating hormone b-subunit (FSHb) gene expression: involvement of activin receptor-like kinase receptors 4/5 (ALK4/5) in the induction of FSHb by GDF9
6 Soon Gang Choi Nov 22, 2013
Genome-wide analysis of gene expression in mouse spleen stroma
8 Marina Alekseevna Afanasyeva Nov 13, 2013
Human mesenchymal cells treated with various supplements (dataset to support blima package for bead level Illumina microarray analysis)
9 Vojtěch Kulvait Mar 24, 2014
Differential gene regulation by the disease-associated short isoform of GATA1 (microarray)
9 Timothy Michael Chlon Feb 04, 2015
Microarray analysis of the migrating human CD4+ T cell population from the spleen of humanized mice in response to treatment with Teplizumab or hIg
11 Frank Waldron-Lynch Feb 27, 2012
PPM1D Mutations Silence NAPRT Gene Expression and Confer NAMPT Inhibitor Sensitivity in Glioma
11 Ranjit Bindra Jul 12, 2019
Endothelial Raf1 activation regulates arterial morphogenesis
12 yong deng Dec 18, 2012
Genome-wide analysis of genes regulated by p44/wdr77 and PRMT5 in lung and prostate cancer cells
12 Wencai Ma Apr 14, 2014
Human A375 melanoma cell line treated with trifluorothymidine (TFT) and lactimidomycin (LTM)
12 Wencai Ma Jan 01, 2018
An RNAi screen probing signaling control of human embryonic stem cells establishes the cell cycle-regulated restriction of the exit from pluripotency (CCNB1 overexpression)
15 Kevin Andrew Gonzales Jul 28, 2015
Suberoylanilide hydroxamic acid (SAHA) induces limited changes in the transcriptome of primary CD4+ T cells
18 Nadejda S. Beliakova-Bethell Oct 12, 2012
MicroRNAs and mRNAs differentially expressed in 5 glioblastoma spheroid cultures upon ATRA treatment
20 Aurelie Ernst Jul 20, 2010
Effects of internal low dose irradiation from 131I on gene expression in normal mouse tissue
20 Emil Schüler May 18, 2012
Gene expression before HAART initiation predicts HIV-infected individuals at risk of poor CD4+ T cell recovery.
24 Christopher Woelk Dec 03, 2009
HIV downregulates interferon stimulated genes in primary macrophages.
24 Akul Singhania Jan 01, 2013
A positive feedback-loop regulates transcriptional response to murine pandemic influenza infection
39 Himanshu Manchanda Feb 10, 2017
Dynamic genome-wide transcriptional response of human monocyte-derived dendritic cells to IL-6 and Il-10
48 David Braun Mar 26, 2013
An RNAi screen probing signalling control of human embryonic stem cells establishes the cell cycle-regulated restriction of the exit from pluripotency (DNA damage checkpoint)
48 Kevin Andrew Gonzales Jul 28, 2015