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GEO Profiles

This database stores individual gene expression profiles from curated DataSets in the Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO) repository. Search for specific profiles of interest based on gene annotation or pre-computed profile characteristics.

Example Searches

  • Gene symbol
    CYP1A1[Gene Symbol]
  • Gene symbols in DataSets that contain specific keywords
    (CYP1A1[Gene Symbol] OR ME1[Gene Symbol]) AND (smok* OR diet)
  • Partial gene name in a specific DataSet
    kinase[Gene Description] AND GDS182
  • Gene Ontology(GO) term in a specific DataSet
    apoptosis[Gene Ontology] AND GDS182
  • Chromosome region and species
    (8[Chromosome] AND 10000:3000000[Base Position]) AND mouse[organism]
  • Genes that show subset effects in DataSets that examine the effect of an agent
    agent[Flag Information] AND "value subset effect"[Flag Type]
  • Support Center