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CCgiSession Class Reference

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CCgiSession –. More...

#include <cgi/cgi_session.hpp>

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Public Types

enum  EStatus {
  eNew , eLoaded , eNotLoaded , eDeleted ,
 Session status. More...
enum  ECookieSupport { eUseCookie , eNoCookie }
 Specifies if a client session cookie can be used to transfer session id between requests. More...
typedef list< stringTNames

Public Member Functions

 CCgiSession (const CCgiRequest &request, ICgiSessionStorage *impl, EOwnership impl_ownership=eTakeOwnership, ECookieSupport cookie_support=eUseCookie)
 ~CCgiSession ()
const stringGetId (void) const
 Get session ID. More...
void SetId (const string &session_id)
 Set session ID. More...
void ModifyId (const string &new_session_id)
 Modify session ID. More...
void Load (void)
 Load the session. More...
void CreateNewSession (void)
 Create new session. More...
TNames GetAttributeNames (void) const
 Retrieve names of all attributes attached to this session. More...
CNcbiIstreamGetAttrIStream (const string &name, size_t *size=NULL)
 Get input stream to read an attribute's data from. More...
CNcbiOstreamGetAttrOStream (const string &name)
 Get output stream to write an attribute's data to. More...
void SetAttribute (const string &name, const string &value)
 Set attribute data as a string. More...
string GetAttribute (const string &name) const
 Get attribute data as string. More...
void RemoveAttribute (const string &name)
 Remove attribute from the session. More...
void DeleteSession (void)
 Delete current session. More...
EStatus GetStatus (void) const
 Get current status of the session. More...
bool Exists (void) const
 Check if this session object is valid. More...
const stringGetSessionIdName (void) const
 Get name for session ID. More...
void SetSessionIdName (const string &name)
 Set name for session ID. More...
void SetSessionCookieDomain (const string &domain)
 Set session cookie domain. More...
void SetSessionCookiePath (const string &path)
 Set session cookie path. More...
void SetSessionCookieExpTime (const CTime &exp_time)
 Set session cookie expiration time. More...
const CCgiCookieGetSessionCookie (void) const
 Get a cookie pertaining to the session. More...
string RetrieveSessionId () const
 Retrieve a session id from a query string or a session cookie. More...

Static Public Attributes

static const char * kDefaultSessionIdName = "ncbi_session_data"
static const char * kDefaultSessionCookieDomain = ""
static const char * kDefaultSessionCookiePath = "/"

Private Member Functions

void x_Load () const
 CCgiSession (const CCgiSession &)
CCgiSessionoperator= (const CCgiSession &)

Private Attributes

const CCgiRequestm_Request
unique_ptr< ICgiSessionStoragem_ImplGuard
ECookieSupport m_CookieSupport
string m_SessionId
string m_SessionIdName
string m_SessionCookieDomain
string m_SessionCookiePath
CTime m_SessionCookieExpTime
unique_ptr< CCgiCookiem_SessionCookie
EStatus m_Status

Detailed Description

CCgiSession –.

Facilitate the transfer of session ID between Web requests. Store and retrieve the CGI session data from an external data storage using the session ID.

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